About Us

It's Time, Time For iVMS

It is time. Time to disrupt and enhance the delivery of mining sector accommodation services.

It is time. Time to support Australian locally owned businesses that provide mining camp facility management services. To truly
support local jobs and keep revenues on our shores.

It is time. Time to truly ensure a genuine sense of connection for mining workforces to their normal life through the creation of a
caring ‘home away from home Village Life’ management approach that makes for a healthier and more productive workforce.

It is time. Time to take a fresh approach to worker welfare at the manpower camps in the mining sector via the application of an event thinking mindset that treats the personnel with a customer service ethos that have been proven globally

iVMS is the coming together of two leading Australian companies- Incognitus and Venue Management Services. Two organisations at the forefront of holistic facility management, site contract catering, cleaning and project management solutions. An organisation with a laser focus on client and guest experience developed through supporting a wide range of clients across the world from the Australian Department of Defence, the Victorian State Government, through to the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Our mission at iVMS is to engage communities and energise facilities through the deployment of a dedicated Team and proven
successful business model which is specifically tailored to the delivery of essential services for mine camp villages including facility administration, food and beverage, housekeeping, grounds maintenance and cleaning services.

Our operating methodology is to collaboratively partner with our clients to ensure success in all facets of our client operations.
Previous operating models and the status quo of service delivery is outdated and demands a new fresh approach. An experiential
approach as developed in the complementary events, conference and business accommodation sector.
Our services are based on the principles of developing strong relationships with all stakeholders, a laser focus on safety, quality,
environmental sustainability and enhancing workforce happiness and productivity.

Our experience stems from the deployment of hospitality and accommodation management solutions and services for major events across Australia and the world.

iVMS provides an extremely experienced and dedicated management team with over 100 years’ experience in the management of high value venues and facilities. Together we offer our clients a unique set of skills in a way that is both imaginative, accountable, experienced and yet innovative with new ideas to optimise the core business of our clients.

Our world-class venue and hospitality services are deployed in a personal and locally focused way. With over 50 years combined
business success both in Australia and around the world we have developed a range of systems which will ensure our clients are
aligned with world’s best practice in facility management, environmental action plans, risk management, asset management,
technological innovations and community engagement.

iVMS is financially sound, successful and importantly Australian-owned; large enough to deliver and exceed expectations yet small enough to really care. Our management structure provides for innovative and efficient decision making whilst delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.