Management Team

Saxon Mitchell

Saxon has over 20 years direct hospitality, event management and venue/ facility management experience within Australia’s leading venues, hotels and mixed use hospitality sites.

Launching his first business venture at age 19 whilst completing a Bachelor of Business majoring in Hotel Management and Catering, Saxon successfully operated ‘ICE Events’, a leading event management company for six years before selling the business, whereupon he then created Venue Management Services- a business that specialises in the management of private and government-owned facilities and venues.

Under Saxon’s guidance and expertise VMS has become a rapidly growing business providing specialist and vertically integrated venue, catering, and event management services across Australia. VMS now manages venues in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

This acute experience in hospitality has led to the collaboration with Incognitus to create iVMS- a leading multi-disciplined business managing mine sites.

• 20-years’ experience in venue, catering and event management within Australia’s leading venues and hotels
• Bachelor of Business Degree in Hotel Management and Catering
• Facility operations and logistics experience
• Venue/ facility design
• Allied member of the Venue Management Association. Completed the accredited ‘Public Venue Management School and Graduate Institute’ through the Venue Management Association
• Past President of the Rotary Club of Melbourne Park
• Active member of the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne

Management Team

Craig Lovett

Craig Lovett is one of the most experienced professionals in the area of event management, cleaning, waste management and sustainable strategies for venues and global events. Over the past 35 years Craig has become a well-recognised success by his peers and clients alike whilst his business and relationship skills have seen rapid expansion throughout Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

His vision to build a business capable of mobilising large numbers of people, large quantities of equipment, and creating solutions to venues and events around the globe is well renowned. His ability to instill a ‘we are part of the show’ mentality, combined with savvy business and relationship skills, have ensured a platform of loyal staff and clientele.

Craig is invited to speak all over the world on venue design, construction; international event project mobilisation, labour management and the systems now used to ensure environmental integrity at public assembly and retail facilities worldwide.

Projects that require complex coordination, extensive planning, and a commitment to excellence are Craig’s specialty. His straight-forward approach ensures that all stakeholders have clear leadership and communication.