Why Choose iVMS?

Why Choose iVMS?

An organisation with a laser focus on client and guest experience developed through supporting a wide range of clients across the world from the Australian Department of Defence, the Victorian State Government, through to the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Why Choose iVMS

Our Values

Why Choose iVMS?


iVMS has an embedded culture of a safety-first ethos. It is our top priority to ensure that our clients, guests, staff and stakeholders engage with a healthy and safe working environment.

Our holistic safety approach extends beyond our organisation to collaborative programs with clients, stakeholders and contractors. Continuous improvement programs and constant training and professional development drives our safety and quality assurance process.

We fully comply with all state and federal occupational health and safety legislation and strive to maintain our overall mission of ‘zero harm across all sites’.

Food Safety- we operate accredited food safety programs tailored to each site. Our on site Teams are regularly trained in the correct methods of food handling, hygiene, COVID-safe protocols, document control and HACCP standards.

Why Choose iVMS?


iVMS recognises its responsibility to the community in protecting the environment. We strive to operate sustainably by maintaining a focus on reducing both our direct and indirect environmental impacts, while taking innovative and well considered approach to procurement and service delivery.

The key elements of our approach to environmental management are as follows:
• Commitment to operating sustainably
• Respecting our environment and recognising community expectations regarding resource utilisation and management
• Ensuring our people understand our core values and expectations in relation to sustainability
• Encouraging all members of our team to seek better ways to manage the impact of our operations on our environment.

Over the journey of business, we have had a visible presence and voice in the International venues and events arena and have been prepared to stand by our position of environmental best operational practice.

Our efforts are generally placed where we can achieve common sustainable progress as well as true cost reduction rather than to simply “get on the band wagon”. Our successes have included:
• Reduction in the use of water via the deployment superior cleaning equipment
• Reduction in the instance of landfill via waste stream component engineering
• Glass crushing
• Organic waste digestion
• Development of community programs that “re purpose” excess food waste
• Introduction of reusable receptacles
• Waste streaming

Our best successes have typically been as a direct result of the development of a collegiate approach to a problem, develop a strategy and then engineer a solution that has sustainable outcomes ensuring that all stake holders have skin in the game. iVMS collaborates pro-actively with our clients to ensure we strive to meet their own environmental policies and initiatives.


Why Choose iVMS?

Indigenous Engagement

iVMS understands and acknowledges the importance of actively working with and supporting Indigenous communities with employment and commercial opportunities.

We commit to collaboratively working with our clients to engage with local Indigenous communities and organisations within their operational locations. In a major spor ting event first, Incognitus was involved in a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which was specifically developed for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. In the spirit of inclusiveness and reconciliation, the RAP was a commitment to delivering genuine and meaningful outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

iVMS acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and commits to approaching and engaging multiple indigenous business, where practical and viable. iVMS is also committed to providing a culturally supportive and inclusive working environment for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Opportunities for the transfer of knowledge from global companies to local communities is an important part of the iVMS Indigenous engagement platform.

Why Choose iVMS?


iVMS is determined to stand out from the crowd by providing world-class innovations both front of house for customers and in the back administrative office in the service of our client sites.

We are consistently looking for new and improved ways of doing business, seeking out innovative ideas and concepts to provide our clients with ways in which to satisfy their customers and guests.

The following are key service innovations that will greatly benefit our client sites and the onsite guests. Please contact us directly to learn more about the iVMS suite of innovations and how they can benefit your business.

• Specialist proprietary software
• QR code systems deployed to assist ensure consistency and automation in routine cleaning and housekeeping as well as menu ordering systems

• Smart phone applications – we can deploy a suite of proprietary smart phone apps to streamline a range of operational requirements including:

• Rostering of personnel
• Site induction programs
• Safety processes
• Food/ Menu ordering systems
• Guest information flow on site including accommodation info, live site updates, weather information etc.

• A full suite of COVID safe requirements including portable no-touch hand sanitizing stations and further initiatives deployed using our comprehensive COVID-safe venue operational plan
• Mess menus designed by Dietitians and Nutritionists to ensure wholesomem flavour and packed meals
• Electronic Menu Boards
• Barista Style coffee machines with real beans and milk
• Freshly squeezed orange juice machines


Why Choose iVMS?

Local Content

iVMS proudly demonstrates a laser focus on thinking locally in all business engagements.
Our focus is on using as many local suppliers as possible and sourcing as many Team members as possible from the local community.

We are committed to maximising local industry participation in procurement opportunities where local businesses offer solutions that meet our needs. Early engagement enables us to achieve the best ‘overall value-for-money’ in its procurement of goods and services, whilst (where possible) giving preference to local suppliers to support community economic development.

We have built a reputation for nurturing strong relationships with local suppliers, which is evident in our 35+ years partnership with Melbourne local chemical provider, Paul Curran of Curran Chemicals. We are also proud to work with International waste provider, Veolia, for over 24 years.